Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Gil Penalosa from Walk & Bike For Life purchased a Bike Friday Tikit through us earlier this month. Gil is also well known for developing Bogota's new bicycle infrastructure plan.


After a brief stop back home in Toronto, the gang headed out to Las Vegas for Interbike 2008.

Notice the handles on the cabinet doors. These guys are recycling quick release levers as door handles. At our shop we try to do the same. Whether it's using old tubes as straps in our stock room to used cables to hang displays on the floor to making bike art with old parts.

It's a tent! It's a trailer! It's both and a new twist on bike touring.

What the?

If the car wasn't invented this could have been the future for commuting. Imagine how fit our society would be if everyone was getting around in one of these babies.

Folding Dahon fixie!

Momentum's fashion show.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


After Germany, our trio of Urbanite's went directly to Montreal for the Canadian bicycle show and took a few pictures of some new stuff coming to our shores in 2009.

The new KHS Flite 100. This has been one of our best selling fixie's over the years and we're sure it will continue... and we love the white.

Oooohhhh! Nice fixie.

Who says anyone needs an SUV to transport bikes around.

Monday, January 19, 2009


In September 2008, Nancy, Carey and Reba embarked on a world wide tour to find out what's new in the wonderful world of the bicycle (and other things). Here are just some of their pictures from the first stop on the trip, Germany.

This is great! In Europe they encourage the use of public transit and bikes. Maybe one day...

At this train station in Germany they're are hundreds of bikes locked up (and I bet some of them are not even locked up).

There are a lot of cargo bikes over there, carrying out the jobs many of us wouldn't even think to use a bike for. It's not just more bike lanes we need, but also a change in the way we think and the way we live our lives.

There were a lot of restrictions at this child's playground.

Kind of a home made locking system. Not the strongest but they probably don't worry about it as much as we do.

This person just left their expensive helmet unlocked on their moped. Once again, a different attitude. I'm not saying nothing gets stolen over there but they just do things with a bit less paranoia.

Viva bikes. These guys made such a good impression on us we decided to carry them in our shop in 2009.



Another Viva.

The last Viva.

Euro police bikes have a built in electric motor. I still think I could drop them.

Not really bike related but it's also not everyday you see a blimp.

Like A Bike had their own booth. Another great product we carry in our store.

The travelers: Carey, Reba and Nancy.
Urbane stayed in a trailer parked right outside the hangar which housed EuroBike. It sure beats tenting!

Side by side recumbent trike pulling a trailer.

After a few pints at the airport. Notice the rosy cheeks and smiles!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


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