Thursday, November 19, 2009

Bike Bags, Brit-style

Carradice bags have arrived at Urbane! Have a bike that can't fit a rack but want to actually carry a little something with you? Maybe want to do a little light touring, or perhaps a lengthy day trip? A classic British saddlebag might be the answer. Carradice of Nelson have been handcrafting saddlebags at their workshop in Lancashire for almost 80 years. The bags are made of tough and waterproof waxed cotton duck. As the bag ages it is possible to reproof the cotton to make it waterproof again. It is not unusual to get decades of use out of your Carradice.

To see the bags in action check out these neat vintage videos of old-school touring, UK-style.

The Cyclists' Special - 1955 - Part 1 and Part 2

I'm A Kind Of Mechanised Tramp - 1971 - Part 1 and Part 2