Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Brothers Dressler uses Urbane's old wheels for their exhibit with Sibling Rivalry at the Interior Design Show 2011

Brothers Dressler are participating in the Sibling Rivalry exhibit at the Interior Design Show 2011. They employ reclaimed materials throughout their work, and have used rims and old wheel assemblies supplied by Urbane Cyclist to build lamps. The lamps are built using a barrel-stave design and the light is routed through and secured to the hub.

The rims are single-walled box section rims and after assembly are filled with inlay to hide the spoke nipples. Since the rims are not meant to be immediately identifiable as bike rims, they'd prefer not to label it as 'bike art', but rather just the adaptation of discarded technology to a different end.

For more pictures and explanation visit the Brothers Dressler blog.