Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tweed Ride Toronto 2011

Jeremy selects a winner for one of our giveaways
Tweed and tea, a match made in England

The inaugural edition of Toronto's Tweed Ride, which occurred this past Saturday the 15th, was a great success. Urbane Cyclist hosted a tea service in nearby Grange Park, with refreshments, treats and support provided by Merchants of Green Coffee, ING Direct, Ontario Natural Food Co-op and Sweets From the Earth. Three varieties of tea, about 300 cookies and a whole lot of tweedy cyclists made for a great afternoon. There were some stunning bicycles, including a shiny Schwinn Tandem and, of course, a pennyfarthing. There were draws for prizes from Brooks and much, much merriment. Thanks to Bikes Without Borders and everybody else who had a hand in this superb Saturday. We'll be putting some more pictures taken at the tea service (courtesy of Single Malt Studios) on our Facebook page, so check them out and tag yourself if you fancy.