Thursday, November 17, 2011

Serial Numbers and You

Serial number on BB shell
One of the most important pieces of information to have about your bicycle is the serial number. Typically found on the underside of the bottom bracket shell, a serial number is a unique identifier which, when submitted to the police database, can help reunite you with your bike should it ever be stolen and subsequently recovered. Serial numbers consist of strings of alphanumeric characters which contain information about your bicycle. This information usually includes year of manufacture, model, and frame size.

Now called Bike Shepherd
Some bicycles do not have a serial number, or it may be unreadable. In cases such as these, or should you wish added protection for your bicycle, we have Bike Shepherd. Previously known as Bike Revolution, Bike Shepherd combines weatherproof heavy-duty 3M adhesive stickers with QR codes linking your bike to an online database. If your bike is stolen, Bike Shepherd sends out alerts via various social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Anyone with a smartphone can scan a QR code and see if a bike is stolen or not.

In any case, no matter how you record your bike, having a means of concretely identifying it as yours is an invaluable asset. And if purchasing a used bike, here are a few things to watch out for:

Filed-off serial number
Scratched-off sticker
Igor Kenk